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What is Asphalt?

Asphalt is a quality engineered and monitored material made from aggregates (rock, sand and gravel) held together by asphalt cement. We only use MNDOT specified asphalt.

Why should I choose asphalt?

Asphalt is a flexible easy to maintain attractive surface. In winter, asphalt will absorb heat to help melt snow and ice quicker than concrete. Asphalt will beautify your property thus increasing value.

What does the installation process involve?

After consultation with the customer to determine the scope of the work, a base crew will come out to prepare for paving. An experienced asphalt crew will follow to install the asphalt driveway.

How long should I stay off the new asphalt?

Usually 5 to 7 days depending on the temperature. Care should be taken, such as not turning wheels while sitting in one spot or placing sharp objects (bicycle kickstands, ladders lawn chairs etc.) on the asphalt for the first twelve months without putting a board or plate under to prevent indentation of the asphalt. Avoid any petroleum products spilling on the asphalt as they will cause damage to the surface.

What will appearance of asphalt be like?

It will be a deep black color. Your new asphalt surface may look smoother in some areas. This is due to the composition of asphalt (various sized rocks etc.) The appearance will also be affected by areas that are machine laid and areas where hand tools are used. This does not compromise the integrity of the asphalt. Some small ponding could occur especially when new due to the viscosity of the oils in the new asphalt. Scuffing and tire marking can occur especially during periods of hot weather the first season. This is usually due to the new asphalt designs being used now that are made softer to reduce cracking in cold weather and to last longer. This will not reduce the long term performance of the asphalt pavement nor is it a sign of poor workmanship.

What is recommended for after care?

If the new asphalt is higher than the existing yard we recommend you backfill with dirt and seed to give support to the side of the asphalt. Due to the extreme temperature changes in Minnesota, minor cracking and settling may occur. This is not due to poor workmanship. The cracks will usually change in width as the temperatures change. You can fill these with a pourable crack filler if desired. We do not recommend sealcoating for at least 2 years. If you do, we highly recommend using a high quality sealer and do not recommend seal coating every year.

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